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Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Release & Move: Foundational Mat Workshop

The Release & Move Foundational Mat Workshop is an an interdisciplinary approach to teaching th... more »

M Valentin NPCP CECs not offered

Moving to Music

In this online Pilate workshops you'll learn about the power of music when teaching reformer cl... more »

Jennifer Gianni 3 NPCP CECs until 10/09/2021

Pilates, EDS, and Pregnancy

In this online Pilates workshop, Jennifer Gianni teaches her concepts for working with Ehlers-D... more »

Norie Tedaka NPCP CECs not offered

Starting Your Client on Mat/Reformer

Based on the teachings of Marie-José Blom, this Japanese language workshop will show you how t... more »

Niedra Gabriel NPCP CECs not offered

Side Body Strengthening

Join Niedra Gabriel for a great online Pilates workshop - Body Strengthening to refine your abi... more »

Ann McMillan MS NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates Movement Progressions: Beginner

Join Ann McMillan for this online Pilates workshop on Progressions.... more »

M Valentin NPCP CECs not offered

Dynamic Aging

This online Pilates workshop provides you with ideas for the first-time client within the senio... more »

Erin Myers NPCP CECs not offered

Scoliosis Spinal Fusion

In this online Pilates workshop you'll learn to safely and effectively work with clients who ha... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Pre & Post Natal Protocol on the Equipment

Create strength and flexibility in their pre and post natal clients through modifications and i... more »

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle 3 NPCP CECs until 04/02/2021

Biotensegrity: From Sacral Laxity to Core Coherence

In this online Pilates workshop, you will discover a deeper relationship with your “True Self... more »

Phillip Beach NPCP CECs not offered

Archetypal Postures and the Erectorcises

The theories and techniques from the groundbreaking book Muscles and Meridians are brought to l... more »

Niedra Gabriel NPCP CECs not offered

Hands On Assistance for Effective Teaching

Join Niedra Gabriel for this Online Pilates Workshop covering the most profound, immediate, and... more »