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Trina Altman PMA CECs: 3

Stomach Massage & Squat Progressions

Trina Altman's online Pilates workshop on how to education our clients about the importance of ... more »

Ann McMillan MS PMA CECs: 3

Pilates Movement Progressions: Intermediate

Join Ann McMillan for this online Pilates workshop on Progressions.... more »

Joy Puleo PMA CECs: Not Offered

Anatomy Shorts: Occiput to Sacrum

Joy Puleo presents an online Pilates workshop on the anatomy of the Occiput to Sacrum.... more »

Lesley Powell PMA CECs: 3

Don't Be DeFEETed

In this online Pilates workshop Lesley Powell explores the anatomy and mechanics of the foot.... more »

Erin Myers PMA CECs: 3

Initial Scoliosis Lesson

Join scoliosis expert Erin Myers in this online Pilates workshop to learn how to conduct a succ... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 5

Animal Body Create a Class: The Fish

The Fish themed mat workshop is to inspire movement and sequencing for you and your clients tha... more »

Mary Bond PMA CECs: Not Offered

Face / Spine Relationships & Spatial Perception

Experience how fine-tuning of perception leads to more efficient, easy and graceful movement. A... more »

Casey Marie Herdt PMA CECs: 5

Practical Release: The Essentials

This workshop will arm you with the basic principles and strategies behind the transformative p... more »

M Valentin PMA CECs: 3

Dynamic Aging

This online Pilates workshop provides you with ideas for the first-time client within the senio... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 3

Release & Move: Foundational Mat Workshop

The Release & Move Foundational Mat Workshop is an an interdisciplinary approach to teaching th... more »

Lesley Powell PMA CECs: 3

Biotensegrity: New Models of Anatomy

Join Lesley Powell for this online Pilates workshop on Biotensgrity.... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 3

Springs and Slings

Explore a variety of vectors to illuminate kinesthetic blind spots, improve mobility, support f... more »