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Erin Myers NPCP CECs not offered

Analyzing Scoliosis

In this online Pilates workshop Erin Myers offers her unique approach to safely and effectively... more »

Ann McMillan MS NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates Movement Progressions Bundle

Join Ann McMillan for this online Pilates workshop on Progressions.... more »

Joy Puleo NPCP CECs not offered

< Breast Cancer: Training to Heal

Joy Puleo offers this online Pilates workshop to teach you to assist your clients through a bre... more »

Nikki Naab Levy NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates for Strength Training Bundle

Nikki Naab-Levy will show you how to troubleshoot form and alignment issues in exercises that c... more »

Mary Bowen, Pilates Elder NPCP CECs not offered

Taller with Age

The Taller with Age workshop offers techniques and exercises which will help you and your clien... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Apprentice Program

Reinforce and translate the knowledge you gain in Pilates module training, and learn how to app... more »

Anne Mettee NPCP CECs not offered

Intelligent Bootcamp™ Create-a-Class!™

This workshop marries the interval training and hard work of bootcamp with traditional Pilates ... more »

Kim Moscatello NPCP CECs not offered

Tower Workshop: Function & Mobility

In this online Pilates workshop, explore how using the tower can provide options for both suppo... more »

Trina Altman NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates Deconstructed™: Undulations and Innovations

Join Trina Altman for this online Pilates workshop to gain a deeper understanding of the compon... more »

Casey Marie Herdt NPCP CECs not offered

Pain Body: BUNDLE

These online Pilates workshops explore the ways we as Pilates teachers can be a guide and aide ... more »

Nikki Chrysostomou NPCP CECs not offered

Lower Leg

In this online Pilates workshop Nikki Chrysostomou explores the lower leg from the knee to the ... more »

Elizabeth Larkam NPCP CECs not offered

Client Progressions

Join Elizabeth Larkam for Client Progressions to learn to support your client in clarifying sho... more »