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Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 3

Whole System Fix: Post Natal Essentials

Learn the basics to build a program for your early post pregnant clients that will carry them t... more »

Erin Myers PMA CECs: 3

Scoliosis for Kids

In this online Pilates workshop Spiral Spine Pilates founder Erin Myers offers her unique appro... more »

Jennifer Zumann PMA CECs: 3

Unlock the Cage and Set your Ribs Free

In this online Pilates workshop Jennifer Golden Zumann shares her approach to thoracic integrat... more »

Madeline Black PMA CECs: 3

Pelvis in Motion

Madeline Black covers information and exercises focusing on the Pelvis. ... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 4

Pilates Vibrational Movement Therapy

This online Pilates workshop will teach you a brand new, innovative, easy and effective way to ... more »

Nikki Chrysostomou PMA CECs: 3

Pilates Arc & Pole

In this online Pilates workshop Nikki Chrysostomou teaches creative movements using a mat, weig... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 3

Pregnancy Fascial Health

In this online Pilates workshop Jennifer Gianni teaches her concept of how to keep the ever exp... more »

Joy Puleo

Anatomy Shorts: Occiput to Sacrum

Joy Puleo presents an online Pilates workshop on the anatomy of the Occiput to Sacrum.... more »

Nikki Naab Levy PMA CECs: 4

Progressions for Active Aging Adults

Join Nikki Naab-Levyl for this online Pilates workshop on Active Aging.... more »

Jennifer Gianni

Course Prep Program

This course will help you prepare for your main module training with programs like Balanced Bod... more »

Lesley Powell PMA CECs: 8

Anatomy Through the Senses: An Introduction

Lesley Powell brings in her studies with her anatomy teacher, Irene Dowd with her Pilates pract... more »

Jennifer Gianni

Pre & Post Natal Protocol on the Equipment

Create strength and flexibility in their pre and post natal clients through modifications and i... more »