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Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 4

Pilates Vibrational Movement Therapy

This online Pilates workshop will teach you a brand new, innovative, easy and effective way to ... more »

Chantill Lopez PMA CECs: 4

Pilates Rules and Why to Break Them

This workshop is all about learning how to discern, how to question, experiment, and stay open ... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 3

Client Progressions

Join Elizabeth Larkam for Client Progressions to learn to support your client in clarifying sho... more »

Casey Marie Herdt PMA CECs: 3

Practical Release: Pelvis and Femur

Build on functional release work to help aid accuracy, stability, and fluidity in Pilates by ex... more »

M Valentin PMA CECs: 3

Dynamic Aging

This online Pilates workshop provides you with ideas for the first-time client within the senio... more »

Trina Altman PMA CECs: 3

Stomach Massage & Squat Progressions

Trina Altman's online Pilates workshop on how to education our clients about the importance of ... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 4

Fascial Tensioning/Lengthening in Pregnancy

Explore unwinding the pelvis from the feet and legs, and from the shoulder girdle and torso, to... more »

Jennifer Gianni

Refresher Program

This program provides a jolt of inspiration and continuing education for working instructors. G... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 3

Pregnancy Fascial Health

In this online Pilates workshop Jennifer Gianni teaches her concept of how to keep the ever exp... more »

Jennifer Gianni

Course Prep Program

This course will help you prepare for your main module training with programs like Balanced Bod... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 4

Vestibular System Function & Balance

Comprehensive movement sequences for the Balance Board, BOSU, and Rocker Reformer to inform the... more »