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Troy McCarty PMA CECs: 3

Pilates for Athletes and Dancers

Pilates techniques explored in this workshop will enhance and improve movement for athletes and... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 3

Client Progressions

Join Elizabeth Larkam for Client Progressions to learn to support your client in clarifying sho... more »

Nikki Chrysostomou PMA CECs: 3

Pilates Arc & Pole

In this online Pilates workshop Nikki Chrysostomou teaches creative movements using a mat, weig... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: Not Offered

Refresher Program

This program provides a jolt of inspiration and continuing education for working instructors. G... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: Not Offered

Apprentice Program

Reinforce and translate the knowledge you gain in Pilates module training, and learn how to app... more »

Niedra Gabriel PMA CECs: 3

Hands On Assistance for Effective Teaching

Join Niedra Gabriel for this Online Pilates Workshop covering the most profound, immediate, and... more »

Lesley Powell PMA CECs: 3

The Knee: A Reflection of the Hip and Ankle

Gain insight into the design and function of the knees to learn how these vital joints affect o... more »

Mary Bond PMA CECs: Not Offered

Gravity Perception & Support

See and experience how fine-tuning of perception leads to more efficient, easy and graceful mov... more »

Casey Marie Herdt PMA CECs: 3

Practical Release: Pelvis and Femur

Build on functional release work to help aid accuracy, stability, and fluidity in Pilates by ex... more »

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle PMA CECs: 4

Embodied Pilates Matwork and MORE Flow

In this online Pilates Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle explores an innovative approach to the Pilates Ma... more »

Erin Myers PMA CECs: 3

Analyzing Scoliosis

In this online Pilates workshop Erin Myers offers her unique approach to safely and effectively... more »