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Joy Puleo NPCP CECs: 3

Pelvis, Sacrum and Psoas

In this online Pilates workshop Joy Puleo takes an indepth look at the Pelvis, Sacrum and Psoas... more »

Ann McMillan MS NPCP CECs: 3

Deep Core Crossed Chains

This workshop provides clients with an environment that instills deep core engagement and cross... more »

Casey Marie Herdt NPCP CECs: 3

Pain Body: A Case Study

In this online Pilates workshop, Casey Marie Herdt explores how to work with clients in active ... more »

Chantill Lopez NPCP CECs: 4

Pilates Rules and Why to Break Them

This workshop is all about learning how to discern, how to question, experiment, and stay open ... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs: 5 (per workshop)

Animal Body Create a Class Series

The Animal Body™ Mat Create-a-Class includes everything you need to to get this fun new clas... more »

Lesley Powell NPCP CECs: 3

Posterior Lateral Hip

Good function of posterior lateral hip muscles can affect stance, alignment, and ease of motion... more »

Jennifer Zumann NPCP CECs: 3

Enhance the Mat

Enhance the Mat is a practical course intended to put a focused lens on complex concepts. ... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs: Not Offered

Pre & Post Natal Protocol on the Equipment

Create strength and flexibility in their pre and post natal clients through modifications and i... more »

Joy Puleo NPCP CECs: 4

< Breast Cancer: Training to Heal

Joy Puleo offers this online Pilates workshop to teach you to assist your clients through a bre... more »

Casey Marie Herdt NPCP CECs: 5

The Intuitive Anatomist

This online Pilates workshop will teach you to see and feel disturbances in your client's movem... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs: 5

Animal Body Create a Class: The Fish

The Fish themed mat workshop is to inspire movement and sequencing for you and your clients tha... more »

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle NPCP CECs: 4

Embodied Pilates Matwork and MORE Flow

In this online Pilates Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle explores an innovative approach to the Pilates Ma... more »