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Madeline Black NPCP CECs: 3

Lower Ribcage

Madeline Black offers this online Pilates workshop to explore the rib cage and surrounding tiss... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs: Not Offered

Pre & Post Natal Protocol on the Equipment

Create strength and flexibility in their pre and post natal clients through modifications and i... more »

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle NPCP CECs: 4

Embodied Pilates Matwork and MORE Flow

In this online Pilates Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle explores an innovative approach to the Pilates Ma... more »

Troy McCarty NPCP CECs: 3

Pilates Logic

A logical and creative look at cueing, imagery, and choreography for teaching traditional and n... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs: 3

Pilates, EDS, and Pregnancy

In this online Pilates workshop, Jennifer Gianni teaches her concepts for working with Ehlers-D... more »

Elizabeth Larkam NPCP CECs: 3

Reformer Variable Intensity Interval Training

In this workshop, Elizabeth Larkam alternates medium and high intensity jumping sequences with ... more »

Jennifer Zumann NPCP CECs: 3

Enhance the Mat

Enhance the Mat is a practical course intended to put a focused lens on complex concepts. ... more »

Nikki Chrysostomou NPCP CECs: 3

Adding Rotation

This workshop demonstrates how to add rotation of the shoulders, spine, and hips to 22 differen... more »

Tom McCook NPCP CECs: 3

Pilates & Franklin Method Chair Workshop

In this hour workshop, Tom McCook will take you through a complete, full body, balanced set of ... more »

Nikki Chrysostomou NPCP CECs: 3

Lower Leg

In this online Pilates workshop Nikki Chrysostomou explores the lower leg from the knee to the ... more »

Erin Myers NPCP CECs: 3

Scoliosis for Kids

In this online Pilates workshop Spiral Spine Pilates founder Erin Myers offers her unique appro... more »

Elizabeth Larkam NPCP CECs: 4

Pilates Reformer Cues

Advance your effectiveness as a Pilates professional by learning and understanding skillful ver... more »