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Fusion Forever Access™

Keep your content for as long as you'd like, build your education reference library, and bring ... more »

Ann McMillan MS 3 NPCP CECs until 04/02/2021

Pilates Movement Progressions: Advanced

Join Ann McMillan for this online Pilates workshop on Progressions.... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Fusion Pre & Post Natal DVDs

The content in this section comes from Jennifer Gianni's Fusion Pilates for Pre & Post... more »

Kuan Hui Chew NPCP CECs not offered

Improving Proprioception

In this workshop you will learn the function and importance of proprioceptors, how they work, h... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Fascial Tensioning/Lengthening in Pregnancy

Explore unwinding the pelvis from the feet and legs, and from the shoulder girdle and torso, to... more »

Casey Marie Herdt NPCP CECs not offered

Pain Body: The Essentials

In this online Pilates workshop you will explore the ways we as Pilates teachers can be a guide... more »

Trina Altman NPCP CECs not offered

Stomach Massage & Squat Progressions

Trina Altman's online Pilates workshop on how to education our clients about the importance of ... more »

Phillip Beach NPCP CECs not offered

Archetypal Postures and the Erectorcises

The theories and techniques from the groundbreaking book Muscles and Meridians are brought to l... more »

Tom McCook NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates & Franklin Method Shoulder & Spine Workshop

Gain experiential knowledge and practical understanding of the relationship between the spine a... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates Hand Mechanics

Learn how to efficiently and fluidly train the hand, wrist,forearm and arm bone for optimal fun... more »

Casey Marie Herdt NPCP CECs not offered

The Intuitive Anatomist

This online Pilates workshop will teach you to see and feel disturbances in your client's movem... more »

Erin Myers 3 NPCP CECs until 04/30/2021

Initial Scoliosis Lesson

Join scoliosis expert Erin Myers in this online Pilates workshop to learn how to conduct a succ... more »

Niedra Gabriel NPCP CECs not offered

Hands On Assistance for Effective Teaching

Join Niedra Gabriel for this Online Pilates Workshop covering the most profound, immediate, and... more »