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Keep your content for as long as you'd like, build your education reference library, and bring ... more »

Phillip Beach

Archetypal Postures and the Erectorcises

The theories and techniques from the groundbreaking book Muscles and Meridians are brought to l... more »

Lesley Powell PMA CECs: 3

Posterior Lateral Hip

Good function of posterior lateral hip muscles can affect stance, alignment, and ease of motion... more »

Erin Myers PMA CECs: 3

Scoliosis Spinal Fusion

In this online Pilates workshop you'll learn to safely and effectively work with clients who ha... more »

Nikki Naab-Levy PMA CECs: 4

Progressions for Active Aging Adults

Join Nikki Naab-Levyl for this online Pilates workshop on Active Aging.... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 4

Pilates Vibrational Movement Therapy

This online Pilates workshop will teach you a brand new, innovative, easy and effective way to ... more »

Casey Marie Herdt PMA CECs: 5

The Intuitive Anatomist

This online Pilates workshop will teach you to see and feel disturbances in your client's movem... more »

Joy Puleo PMA CECs: 3

Pelvis, Sacrum and Psoas

In this online Pilates workshop Joy Puleo takes an indepth look at the Pelvis, Sacrum and Psoas... more »

Mary Bond

Face / Spine Relationships & Spatial Perception

Experience how fine-tuning of perception leads to more efficient, easy and graceful movement. A... more »

Troy McCarty PMA CECs: 3

Pilates Logic

A logical and creative look at cueing, imagery, and choreography for teaching traditional and n... more »

M Valentin PMA CECs: 2

Creating Reformer Choreography

In this online Pilates workshop M Valentin will teach you how to add intensity and variety to y... more »

Dorene O’Malley PMA CECs: 3

Foot-Hip Connection

In this online Pilates Dorene teaches alignment from a Restorative Exercise Specialist perspect... more »