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Build Your LIbrary!

Fusion Forever Access™

Keep your content for as long as you'd like, build your education reference library, and bring ... more »

Madeline Black NPCP CECs not offered

Mat Strengthening

Learn whole body support with optimal alignment reinforced and created by gravity that creates ... more »

Lesley Powell NPCP CECs not offered

Pelvic Floor: Foundation for Support

This workshop offers a step-by-step understanding of the pelvis, which can affect the entire bo... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Animal Body Create a Class: The Fish

The Fish themed mat workshop is to inspire movement and sequencing for you and your clients tha... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates, EDS, and Pregnancy

In this online Pilates workshop, Jennifer Gianni teaches her concepts for working with Ehlers-D... more »

Phillip Beach NPCP CECs not offered

Archetypal Postures and the Erectorcises

The theories and techniques from the groundbreaking book Muscles and Meridians are brought to l... more »

Trina Altman NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates Deconstructed®: Side Over Explorations

Join Trina Altman for an online Pilates workshop concentrating on sideovers.... more »

Mary Bowen, Pilates Elder NPCP CECs not offered

Taller with Age

The Taller with Age workshop offers techniques and exercises which will help you and your clien... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Course Prep Program

This course will help you prepare for your main module training with programs like Balanced Bod... more »

Lesley Powell 3 NPCP CECs until 02/03/2022

Spinefull and Hippiness

Lesley A. Powell teaches SpineFull and Hippiness: 
a workshop about maintaining youthfulness ... more »

Anne Mettee NPCP CECs not offered

Intelligent Bootcamp™ Create-a-Class!™

This workshop marries the interval training and hard work of bootcamp with traditional Pilates ... more »