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Keep your content for as long as you'd like, build your education reference library, and bring ... more »

Jennifer Zumann PMA CECs: 3

Unlock the Cage and Set your Ribs Free

In this online Pilates workshop Jennifer Golden Zumann shares her approach to thoracic integrat... more »

M Valentin PMA CECs: 3

Moving to Music

In this online Pilate workshops you'll learn about the power of music when teaching reformer cl... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 3

Pilates, EDS, and Pregnancy

In this online Pilates workshop, Jennifer Gianni teaches her concepts for working with Ehlers-D... more »

Ann McMillan MS PMA CECs: 3

Deep Core Crossed Chains

This workshop provides clients with an environment that instills deep core engagement and cross... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 3

Reformer Variable Intensity Interval Training

In this workshop, Elizabeth Larkam alternates medium and high intensity jumping sequences with ... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 4

Vestibular System Function & Balance

Comprehensive movement sequences for the Balance Board, BOSU, and Rocker Reformer to inform the... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: 3

Release & Move: Foundational Mat Workshop

The Release & Move Foundational Mat Workshop is an an interdisciplinary approach to teaching th... more »

Norie Tedaka PMA CECs: Not Offered

Starting Your Client on Mat/Reformer

Based on the teachings of Marie-José Blom, this Japanese language workshop will show you how t... more »

Jennifer Gianni PMA CECs: Not Offered

Apprentice Program

Reinforce and translate the knowledge you gain in Pilates module training, and learn how to app... more »

Lesley Powell PMA CECs: 3

Pelvic Floor: Foundation for Support

This workshop offers a step-by-step understanding of the pelvis, which can affect the entire bo... more »

Nikki Chrysostomou PMA CECs: 3

Lower Leg

In this online Pilates workshop Nikki Chrysostomou explores the lower leg from the knee to the ... more »