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Keep your content for as long as you'd like, build your education reference library, and bring ... more »

M Valentin NPCP CECs not offered

Moving to Music

In this online Pilate workshops you'll learn about the power of music when teaching reformer cl... more »

Anula Maiberg 3 NPCP CECs until 12/10/2021

Mat Variations

Anula explores ways of incorporating a variety of props into innovative mat exercises that addr... more »

Erin Myers NPCP CECs not offered

Analyzing Scoliosis

In this online Pilates workshop Erin Myers offers her unique approach to safely and effectively... more »

Casey Marie Herdt NPCP CECs not offered

Pain Body: The Essentials

In this online Pilates workshop you will explore the ways we as Pilates teachers can be a guide... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs not offered

Release & Move: Foundational Mat Workshop

The Release & Move Foundational Mat Workshop is an an interdisciplinary approach to teaching th... more »

Madeline Black NPCP CECs not offered

Psoas as Core Muscle

Madeline will teach how to find the psoas, release and recruit it, and see how it affects the s... more »

Niedra Gabriel NPCP CECs not offered

Side Body Strengthening

Join Niedra Gabriel for a great online Pilates workshop - Body Strengthening to refine your abi... more »

Lesley Powell NPCP CECs not offered

Posterior Lateral Hip

Good function of posterior lateral hip muscles can affect stance, alignment, and ease of motion... more »

Kim Moscatello NPCP CECs not offered

Tower Workshop: Function & Mobility

In this online Pilates workshop, explore how using the tower can provide options for both suppo... more »

Lesley Powell NPCP CECs not offered

Don't Be DeFEETed

In this online Pilates workshop Lesley Powell explores the anatomy and mechanics of the foot.... more »

Trina Altman NPCP CECs not offered

Pilates Deconstructed®: Side Over Explorations

Join Trina Altman for an online Pilates workshop concentrating on sideovers.... more »

M Valentin NPCP CECs not offered

Dynamic Aging

This online Pilates workshop provides you with ideas for the first-time client within the senio... more »