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Keep your content for as long as you'd like, build your education reference library, and bring ... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs: 4

Healing Diastasis

Join Jennifer Gianni to put your foundational Pilates skills and biomechanics knowledge to work... more »

Tom McCook NPCP CECs: 3

Pilates & Franklin Method Shoulder & Spine Workshop

Gain experiential knowledge and practical understanding of the relationship between the spine a... more »

Casey Marie Herdt NPCP CECs: 3

Deconstructing the Computer Posture

A workshop designed to help unravel, unglue and re-educate the computer posture.... more »

Ann McMillan MS NPCP CECs: 3

Pilates Movement Progressions: Advanced

Join Ann McMillan for this online Pilates workshop on Progressions.... more »

Ann McMillan MS NPCP CECs: 3

Deep Core Crossed Chains

This workshop provides clients with an environment that instills deep core engagement and cross... more »

Chantill Lopez NPCP CECs: 4

Pilates Rules and Why to Break Them

This workshop is all about learning how to discern, how to question, experiment, and stay open ... more »

Joy Puleo NPCP CECs: 4

< Breast Cancer: Training to Heal

Joy Puleo offers this online Pilates workshop to teach you to assist your clients through a bre... more »

Anula Maiberg NPCP CECs: 4

Mat & Reformer Variations Bundle

These exercises range from intermediate to very advanced and are a great way to add a challenge... more »

Jennifer Zumann NPCP CECs: 3

Enhance the Mat

Enhance the Mat is a practical course intended to put a focused lens on complex concepts. ... more »

Erin Myers NPCP CECs: 3

Scoliosis for Kids

In this online Pilates workshop Spiral Spine Pilates founder Erin Myers offers her unique appro... more »

M Valentin NPCP CECs: 3

Moving to Music

In this online Pilate workshops you'll learn about the power of music when teaching reformer cl... more »

Jennifer Gianni NPCP CECs: 3

Whole System Fix: Post Natal Essentials

Learn the basics to build a program for your early post pregnant clients that will carry them t... more »