Community Expansion Scholarship Program is working in collaboration with Balanced Body on an important program they have initiated. The Community Expansion Scholarship Program offers scholarships for students to take the Balanced Body® Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training. welcomes scholarship students from this program to trainings in our brick and mortar studio in Asheville, NC and also provides all awardees free access to our Online Apprentice Program. You can find information on our Balanced Body program here.

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Community Expansion Scholarship Program

The goal of the Balanced Body Community Expansion Scholarship Program is to increase the diversity of the Pilates profession by training teachers who come from Black and other underrepresented communities. Balanced Body Authorized Training Centers around the country and around the world are participating in this program by providing full scholarships to qualified students.


  • To bring more Black instructors into the Pilates community, increasing the rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives in the industry
  • To support Black instructors as they develop their teaching practice
  • To bring the benefits of Pilates to the Black community by supporting teachers from the community

Authorized Training Center Scholarship Guidelines PDF (Download)

Scholarship Application PDF (Download)

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