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Anne Mettee PMA CECs: Not Offered

Intelligent Bootcamp™ Create-a-Class!™

This workshop marries the interval training and hard work of bootcamp with traditional Pilates ... more »

Madeline Black PMA CECs: 4

Mat Strengthening

Learn whole body support with optimal alignment reinforced and created by gravity that creates ... more »

Erin Myers PMA CECs: 3

Scoliosis for Kids

In this online Pilates workshop Spiral Spine Pilates founder Erin Myers offers her unique appro... more »

Lesley Powell PMA CECs: 3

Biotensegrity: New Models of Anatomy

Join Lesley Powell for this online Pilates workshop on Biotensgrity.... more »

Casey Marie Herdt PMA CECs: 3

Deconstructing the Computer Posture

A workshop designed to help unravel, unglue and re-educate the computer posture.... more »

Jean Sullivan PMA CECs: 4

Shoulder Release & Balance

Jean Sullivan teaches her method of rebalancing the shoulder girdle through a series muscle rel... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 3

Reformer Variable Intensity Interval Training

In this workshop, Elizabeth Larkam alternates medium and high intensity jumping sequences with ... more »

Erin Myers PMA CECs: 3

Analyzing Scoliosis

In this online Pilates workshop Erin Myers offers her unique approach to safely and effectively... more »

Norie Tedaka PMA CECs: Not Offered

Starting Your Client on Mat/Reformer

Based on the teachings of Marie-José Blom, this Japanese language workshop will show you how t... more »