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Movement Strategies for an Efficient Birth
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Pelvic & Ribcage Focus
Sunday, May 23, 2021 - 8am - 10am SGT
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Movement Strategies for an Efficient Birth

April 4, 2021 from 8am - 10am SGT

Movement strategies for a smooth and efficient birth including having an integrated core for childbirth and the best positions for laboring and pushing.

Join us for a two-hour journey into how to utilize the pilates studio and equipment and your skill as a movement educator to prepare your pregnant clients for labor and birth. The anatomy of the pelvis, the uterus, and its ligaments and how to create a more easeful environment here during pregnancy will be emphasized throughout. We will open the lens and also look at the whole body relationship and movement in pregnancy by focusing on the symbiotic relationship of the throat/mouth, respiratory diaphragm / Rib Cage, and the pelvis. It will be further understood by sequences that balance the psoas which lives behind the uterus and the fascial web that surrounds the pelvis and its attachments into the legs and up into the ribcage and greatly impacts the position of the uterus and fetus. Also, learn 4 essential preparations for labor that doulas and midwives use time and time again and then see how we can support and layer onto those skills with movement in the Pilates studio.

These exercises and sequences are things your clients can do throughout pregnancy to keep their body, mind, and spirit primed and ready for the challenges of labor and birth. Because we practice these multidimensional movements throughout pregnancy they also serve the pregnant body throughout the 9 months to keep it balanced and therefore mitigating aches and pains. This workshop will mostly be utilizing mat and small props but will incorporate a bit of reformer and barrel.

DRA with a Rib Cage & Pelvic Focus

Sunday, May 23, 2021 from from 8am - 10am SGT

Solve the puzzle of a dysfunctional ab wall and DRA by considering the pelvic & ribcage relationships. 

In this two-hour workshop, you will gain knowledge about what a DRA is and how to implement healing through movement in the Pilates studio, guided by science and intuition. Learn how to help your clients gain a functional diastasis and regain fascial tensioning in the area by using Pilates foundational techniques and the Pilates equipment.

There are many roads to unwinding this mystery for each client and all should be explored. In the short time we have together we will take a deep dive into the rib cage and pelvic relationship. Speaking to skeletal alignment and the soft tissues that influence the rib cage and pelvic relationship can go a long way in finding a more balanced Ab wall and deep system.

Learn specific protocols for better thoracic and pelvic motion, shoulder flexion and extension, upper back awareness and head placement, cervical motion, and hip socket motion all of which will create roads to how we use our ribs and pelvis. This will all be related back to its impact on the functioning of our ab wall and our deep system. 


Movement Strategies for an Efficient Birth

  • Learn the anatomy of the pelvis and uterus
  • Learn how whole-body movement balances the pelvis
  • Learn Release work to balance face, head, jaw, and neck to balance the pelvis
  • Learn four essential labor preps and movements to support them

 DRA with a Rib Cage & Pelvic Focus

  • What is DRA and what do the scientific and clinical observations tell us about how to regain function in the area.
  • How does the rib cage and pelvic alignment along with the soft tissue in and around the area help us to regain function in the Ab wall.
  • Release work to balance the soft tissue in the Ab wall and surrounding areas
  • The Psoas and its balance as central to creating a functional Ab wall and Deep System activation
  • How suppleness and balance in structures like the TLF, LD, and ES can unleash and unlock the twists on the pelvis and ribcage.
  • How to optimize Hip Socket movement to create deep system activation and synchronized movement.

Props & Equipment Used

Props & Equipment Jennifer will use for demonstration:

It is not required for you to have any of the following props and/or equipment - but if you do - please have them on hand for the workshop.

You can find many of these props and equipment on our Amazon Store

Movement Strategies for an Efficient Birth

Small to medium soft ball for facial release / Overball / Stability Ball (when you sit on it your hips are slightly above the knees) / Strong, long scarf or sheet / Sitting Box / Bosu / TRX or BODHI / Cadillac or massage table / Reformer / Magic Circle / Spine Corrector / 2 Rotating Discs / 2 Overballs / Foam Roller

DRA with a Rib Cage & Pelvic Focus

This workshop will mostly utilize the mat and small props and will include a bit of reformer work.

Tennis and/or pinky balls for release work / Overball / Stool or Chair / Reformer / Reformer sitting box/ Dycem non slip pad or the like / WODfitters Pull Up Assistance band, Red / Jumpboard / Footplate extender / Circle bands (light to medium resistance) / Long Padded Foot Plates (1 to 2) / Yoga Block / Yoga Strap / Full Foam Roller / Magic Circle

Concepts & Techniques

Movement Strategies for an Efficient Birth

  • Movement to prepare for labor
  • Movement to keep the pregnant mom free of aches and pains

DRA with a Rib Cage and Pelvic Focus

  • Explanation of DRA
  • Anatomy of the abdominal wall and pelvis
  • Rib cage impact on the abdominal wall
  • Full body integration for healing

Workshop Level

  • Advanced
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Duration & Access

Each livestream workshop is approximately 2 hours long and you have 30 days of access to the recordings.
(No expiration for Forever Access Members)

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