Madeline Black has distinguished herself as an international leader in movement and exercise education. She is known as the “teacher’s teacher” for over 25 years. Madeline draws from her vast knowledge, continuous study and exploration of the body. She is seen in her field as the synthesizer, integrating movement science, osteopathic theory, manual therapy, and energy work creating an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic. She coaches the most advanced teachers, raising the education and quality of instruction in the Pilates industry.
What sets Madeline’s teaching apart is her emphasis on clear instruction. From her lecture demos, to her hands-on work, to her educational and supplemental materials, participants leave her workshops immediately able to integrate her ideas and concepts into sessions with their own clients. Her accessibility, articulateness, commitment to Pilates, and decades of experience, makes her a beloved and sought-after instructor.

Madeline has instigated groups of teachers around the world who are Pilates practitioners following the body-mind set of her comprehensive and integrated approach. She offers in-depth coaching and workshops at Studio A in Berlin every year as well as presenting at major conferences.

A resident of Sonoma, California USA, Madeline’s home studio is Studio M Pilates. You can find info on Madeline’s book Centered at