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Fusion Forever Access™

Keep your content for as long as you'd like, build your education reference library, and bring ... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 4

Vestibular System Function & Balance

Comprehensive movement sequences for the Balance Board, BOSU, and Rocker Reformer to inform the... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 3

Springs and Slings

Explore a variety of vectors to illuminate kinesthetic blind spots, improve mobility, support f... more »

Elizabeth Larkam

Lateral Flexion on the Orbit™

This workshop details eleven variations on the Orbit™ to explore lateral trunk flexion and de... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 5

< Rotation
in the Pilates Studio

This comprehensive guide to rotation in the Pilates environment includes unique movement sequen... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 4

Pilates Reformer Cues

Advance your effectiveness as a Pilates professional by learning and understanding skillful ver... more »

Elizabeth Larkam PMA CECs: 3

Client Progressions

Join Elizabeth Larkam for Client Progressions to learn to support your client in clarifying sho... more »