Pilates Tips from the Pros

  • Studio Manners

    When you work in a studio, whether it has one or ten teachers, everyone must be on their best behavior and must always be willing to help out. Team spirit must be alive and well. There should be a thirst to make the studio its best so that everyone’s experience of it is the best. […]…

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  • Exercising in the First Trimester

    The first trimester describes the first three months of pregnancy. During the first trimester, it is best to keep strenuous exercise to a minimum, as this is the period when the risk for miscarriage is highest. It is also a time when many women feel unbelievably tired, nauseated, and in no mood for exercise. However, […]…

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  • Strengthening the Hamstrings and Glutes with the Stability Ball

    The stability ball requires participants to find their balance. It demands that we find our center on an unstable surface. This will help develop strong hamstrings and glutes. These muscle groups are less developed because they are on our backside and we are forward-moving beings. We don’t like to walk backwards even though it is […]…

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