Spine Stretch is a classical exercise that requires flexibility, range of motion, and differentiation to perform with ease and proficiency. When done correctly, it should not only induce a beautiful thoracic spine articulation, but it should give a wonderful stretch to the spinal fascia and musculature. Just like most of Pilates repertoire, the devil is in the details. By paying attention to the key elements demonstrated in this video, you are sure to learn how perform Spine Stretch correctly and reap all its benefits. Correct performance of this exercise is vital, as it is the basis for so many exercises down the line in the repertoire.

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  1. stacy

    very nice! Thanks for sharing that! Such great cues!

  2. Milena

    Thank you so much for this lovely video! Brilliant verbal cues reinforced by tactile ones and the improvement in the quality of movement is incredible:)

  3. ginger

    Never stop learning! Just followed your cues, and I felt a difference…to me it’s one of the hardest to “feel”!
    Happy New Year to all of you!

  4. Casey

    So glad you see and feel the difference in the movement ladies! Thanks so much for watching and commenting!

    Casey Marie