The composition of the foot is a myriad of osseous matter intertwining with connective tissue, muscles, and fascia. Our foot is a complex structure that, when aligned properly, is built to propel us through space with grace and ease. Unfortunately, so many people have lost the foot’s innate shape and spiral. It is our job to help our clients restore the alignment that has evolved from years of biological refinement and adaptation. As the video demonstrates, doing this is as easy as using your hands.

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    This is awesome and so simple and very effective. Thank you!
    Many teachers dont pay enough attention to the feel.

  2. Patti

    One of my favorite. Love to take clients thru this in class and have them stand and feel the difference in the two feet before we do the second one. Did this one in class this week before doing balance work. Loved the comments after the first foot…lighter, energized, anchored, grounded… LOVE it. Wish I would have known these exercises back in high school when I ran.

  3. Tessa_995

    I spend several hours a week on my feet for several years now. Similar exercises to these and many more! I only wish I had started sooner…so young followers, heed my 62 year-old advice.

  4. Casey

    Hi ladies! So glad you enjoyed the foot spiraling!

    I think we ALL wish we would have found exercises like this sooner… Our poor feet take such a beating in our lifetime! I am happy we can share this effective simple work with all the people in our lives!

    Much Love,
    Casey Marie