Scapular stability is a must when performing arm exercises, but often the shoulder girdle is so locked up that it is hard to locate neutral shoulder placement. It is only by exploring the shoulder and surrounding tissues that clients will be able to understand where they are in space, then eventually how to best achieve biomechanical alignment (alignment of the feet, knees, hips, and spine).

This is a process, however, not a quick, easy fix, so you as a teacher must arm yourself with some tools and tricks to make scapular stability accessible to all clients. The foam roller is the perfect means to explore the upper core in movement, as well as challenge proprioception. It will help anyone achieve solid scapular alignment.

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  1. Patti

    Love this exercise. I’ve used it with a number of clients with great success. It has been a light bulb moment for a couple of my male clients, that have worked hard over the years and shoulders roll forward. In having the roller so they can feel their neutral it gives them a great feeling of the core. I’ve also had them do the bean bag wrist rolls using this position, since most after lowering and lifting the bag a few times start letting the shoulders roll forward this helps give them the feedback they need to keep that shoulder stability.
    Awesome Casey, thanks for sharing.

  2. ginger

    Great ideas, Casey! Don’t have any 1/2 rollers, so am going to make an attempt to try the rollers on Thursday!!
    Thank you! I love learning new tips!

  3. Tessa_995

    Any tips for people suffering from scoliosis who find it impossible to centre the spine on roller? I have done similar movements supine on roller so must try this vertical variation. I have minor lateral scoliosis at ‘bra strap line’!

  4. Casey

    So glad you ladies enjoyed!

    Patti, great idea with the beanbag work! I have to try that the minute I get to the studio… Beautiful functional training!

    Ginger, the full foam roller will work just fine! It will be more of a stability challenge (never a bad thing) so watch out that your client doesn’t start to lean right or left.

    Tessa, as a person with scoliosis also I think it’s important for us to feel where center is even if our spine doesn’t create that line on its own. It’s vital to help balance the legs and weight bearing through the feet which increases adaptability and dynamic posture. The centering on the roller can help do that! Also you can try placing a foam roller horizontally at the level of the sacrum and T8ish area and challenge your client from there also. Let me know how that goes!

    Much love ladies, and thanks for commenting,
    Casey Marie