Jean Sullivan, Studio Director and Founder of ITT Pilates is known internationally as a Master Pilates instructor and movement educator. Jean has been teaching since 1994 and certifying Pilates instructors since 1998. Jean has been a guest speaker at conferences throughout the US and travels internationally to train instructors in the ITT Pilates Certification Programs. Jean certified in the GYRTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in 1999 and has continued to explore that movement practice with certifications on the Jumping Stretching Board, the Archway and the Gyrotoner. She is a PMA certified trainer and is also certified as an ACE personal trainer, WKC Kettlebell instructor, and SFMA provider.

Jean studied in corrective exercise and therapeutic applications with Jean-Claude West, Anna Schmitz, Marika Molnar, Liz Henry, and Linda-Joy Lee. She worked at St Francis Hospital’s Dance Medicine department and developed Pilates-based rehabilitation programs for Bay Area chiropractors.

Jean draws on her extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and neuromuscular re-education, with her experience as a professional dancer and flying trapeze artist, for an interdisciplinary approach to her teaching. She enjoys working with people of all ages and movement abilities. Jean specializes in helping clients with scoliosis, spinal injuries, back and hip pain, shoulder and neck issues, and sports related injuries.