Dorene's Workshops

Dorene O’Malley wreaked havoc on her body as a young gymnast and as such spent the subsequent 30+ years struggling with back pain. Although she has been in the fitness industry since 1982, it wasn’t until she found Pilates that she learned how incorrectly using her back and legs contributed to her back issues. Since then she has spent time going through many different trainings to fully understand movement as a science and how we view and use exercise in our culture.

She is a Certified NKT practitioner (Neurokinetic Therapy) as well as a Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES- CPT) through the Nutritious Movement program.

She sold her Pilates & Corrective Exercise studio in Morgan Hill, CA in 2016 and relocated to Asheville where she immediately found her way to Fusion. She is thankful for all the varied experience and educational modalities she has learned from and she enjoys devising the best blend of methods to help her clients achieve their goals.