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Marie-José Blom

A step by step approach to ease a concept of individualized Core Ability into your own teaching model, regardless of your style or approach. By Marie José Blom

Marie-José Blom

The Sling System is a core activating and training system used to provide strategic support to transition basic mat exercises to the trapeze table.

Marie-José Blom

This SmartSpine™ Teach & Treat workshop integrates the most updated curriculum of Marie Jose Blom's unparalleled comprehensive Pilates Core Intelligence cours

About Marie José Blom

Student Comments

Wonderful. Should be required for all fitness trainers

-Lesley P

Amazing insight!

-Barbara M

This is a fantastic workshop, an essential piece for any Pilates teacher. Marie Jose presents important information about the core and the organizing principles of the body in a logical manner that is sure to deepen your understanding and appreciation for Pilates.

-Mina M

Very clear and inspirational workshop with lots of great protocols that will benefit any Pilates teacher and their clients. A great way to communicate how to sense, feel and embody the work.

-Mina M

Great! Just as good as being in the flesh:)

-Tiffany T