If you haven’t seen them – please check out our past two episodes featuring MJ. In this episode, we’re going to demonstrate her “Art of Doing Nothing” – a wonderful and relaxing mediation and re-calibration of the spine.

And all of this is to celebrate the release of MJ’s 3 online workshop, SmartSpine™ Teach & Treat!

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  1. Silke907

    This is such a valuable wonderful workshop and I thank fusionpilates edu sincerely for showing it! I love the close up camera that gives me a real impression on what Marie-José is doing subtly with her hands. And I am glad for the possibility of having ongoing access, because I will go back to watch it over and over again! Marie-José Blom has invented something very unique and the SmartSpine products help my clients a lot. They love the warmth and the support and go out with a glowing smile in their face!

  2. JenniferGianni

    Thank you for this lovely feedback. I am also thrilled that we have this amazing footage. I refer to it all the time. Marie Jose and her work are truly one of a kind. We are blessed to have this information. Please keep us up to date on how you progress with the work.