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In this episode, Casey hips us to some innovative reformer work.


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  1. Brenda938

    Earlier today I watched one of your videos in which you used two boxes to elongate the Wunda chair platform.
    Later on I tried to do this with my two boxes from Balanced Body. My boxes do not reach the same height as the platform, being lower by about 2 inches. My equipment appears to be the same as yours, so I don’t understand why.
    I have tried to review your video, but I cannot find it again, and am feeling frustrated! There is also a gap between my boxes and the chair where the wheels stick out, but I don’t think that this is a problem.
    Please help.
    Also, where did you obtain the belt which you used with the two bungee springs on the reformer for the pelvis/ hip exercise?
    Many thanks. Your videos are great, but sometimes hard to find again as the back button on my I pad doess not seem to be able to scroll back to previously viewed videos.
    Thanks from Australia

  2. Casey

    Hi Brenda! Thank you for the questions!

    One of the boxes we used is actually a larger model to accommodate people with a larger frame. It looks the same which makes it tricky to tell! Try pulling your chair to the end of your Cadillac, or now balanced body is making a stand for sitting boxes that brings the box up to chair height! You can also purchase the support sling you saw in the hip wellness video through balanced body as well. We do TONS of protocol with it, and our mentor Marie Jose Blom has a whole workshop with it on our site!

    Hope that helps!

    In Wellness,
    Casey Marie Herdt