In this episode, Casey is going to deal with Shoulder Girdle and will answer a question about men and the pelvic floor.


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  1. Jennifer_628

    Another great video! I agree with the never stop learning mantra and thanks for helping me with that!

  2. Amy Pace_771

    Hey Casey… Wonderful episode on shoulder mechanics… I am currently dealing with a frozen shoulder and am doing a lot of release work… Will this be able to break the adhesions that have formed? What are your thoughts about manipulation under anesthesia? I know this is a medical question but I am asking from a mechanical standpoint… Thank you again!!!!! I love the show!!!!!

  3. ginger

    Loved it , Casey! Can’t wait for more!!! Fantastic!

  4. Casey

    Thanks ladies, we are having SO MUCH FUN with this! We are so happy you all are enjoying it!

    And Amy, it is tough to tell what to do in situations like frozen shoulder. I typically tell people to work therapies that are gentle at first, and only going to extremes when all else has failed. Just remember it took a number of months are even years to get our bodies into situations like this, and it takes the same or more time to work our way out of them. It is tough to give you a definitive answer without having seen you in person. And as I am not a doctor, I can’t diagnose they best path. What I can tell you is that heat therapy along with release work and movement retraining have successfully helped people out of these types of issues. Also things like medi-cupping, acupuncture, and cold laser can work wonders too!

    Hope that helps!

    Casey Marie