WeWantYouBecome a Fusion Innovator!

Are you a creative and innovative instructor with a great idea for an online course or an article that would be helpful to this community of Pilates Professionals? Would you like to have the opportunity to share your knowledge?

If you have a great idea – we can make it happen.  


This site is a community, not only for students and Pilates professionals – but for Master Instructors as well. Our mission is to offer everyone access to a wide variety of styles, ideas, and knowledge on a wide range of Pilates topics and styles.

Do you have an idea on a 3 hour course on scoliosis?  Are you an expert at teaching classes for seniors?  Do you have an article about Pilates for Parkinson’s you’re dying to get out there?  Let’s talk!

Contribute Courses or Workshops

For workshops and courses, we have a very generous profit sharing arrangement and we will help you with everything from the planning to the filming to getting the word out.  That’s what we do!

Contribute Articles or Short Videos for the Blog

For blog articles and videos – if there were a profit to share, we’d certainly share it!  Unfortunately there’s not – but we’d love to have you contribute!  This is a great way to get your name and your ideas out there for all the world to see.


In addition to getting your work seen by a wide variety of teachers and an extremely generous profit sharing plan, (more below) there are some perks that go along with contributing to this site.

• Your bio will be added to our Instructor’s page where you can also list your studio website and contact info if you’d like.

• At the beginning of your course- you can also place a short bio and list your studio website and contact info if you’d like (so users can find your live schedule.)


It’s our utmost concern that everything on this site be of the highest quality.  From content to video to every other aspect of our offerings.  It is our mission to make sure every scrap of information that is presented at this site be the absolute best it can be.  For this reason not all ideas will be accepted and Fusion reserves the right to pass on any ideas that do not meet the highest standards.


Submit your idea here and we’ll contact you with the details on how it works.

General Information

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Tell us a bit about what your best at, most passionate about, your topics of expertise.

Workshop Ideas

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