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  1. Lori678

    I have been working out doing Pilates for the past three years. Prior to that I was pretty well sidelined with rheumatoid arthritis and had gained quite a bit of weight. I started Pilates to try to give me more freedom of movement. Although I didn’t start Pilates as a weight loss means, it has had that effect for me. I have lost over 35 lbs and this is my primary form of exercise. I do watch my diet, using recipes mostly from Ellie Krieger, the nutritionist and Cooking Light magazine. Pilates has given me much improved range of motion and much less pain and the bonus of weight loss as well. So although it isn’t specifically a weight loss regimen, it was helpful to me in that area. I am not a professional, just an enthusiast and sharing my experience and your website has been helpful to me as well, specifically your fascia segments and tension release segments. Thank you for all of your help.