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  1. Silke907

    wonderful! and very helpful, – thank you!!

  2. ginger

    Great information! Love it! If we don’t have a Smart Spine, could you use a large towel to achieve the same feedback?

  3. Phyllis_775

    Love that, Elizabeth! I see that many times with clients. Some ball release at the lumbar would be a great addition to what you did also.

    Thank you!

    Phyllis Matonte

  4. Elizabeth G_750

    Great questions and comments! I’m glad y’all found this helpful.

    Ginger – I have not tried this with a towel but that seems to be a good option, rolling it up from the sides. You can also do this stretch without smartspine, and might want to put a supportive pillow or blanket under someone’s knee.

    Phyllis – Thanks for the comment about the release work! I agree, release work is CRUCIAL for clients like me with tight back bodies 🙂

    Let me know if y’all have any other ideas, comments, or questions. I love connecting with you!

  5. Phyllis_775


    Reporting back real success! I used your cueing in my class of about 15 tonight and, when I looked around, saw totally straight spines and legs. They were connecting the mind with the body. The
    power of words cannot be underestimated. Keep doing what you all do so well 🙂 Love you guys!

  6. Elizabeth G_750

    Phyllis –
    I am so thrilled that this worked for you! Thanks so much for your positive feedback and for supporting us at Fusion. It is so fun to be able to communicate over distance with other teachers 🙂