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  1. Lori678

    I’m glad you continue to address this. I commented on an earlier Pilates Show. I have found this type of release tremendously helpful as a person with rheumatoid arthritis. To an outsider, I probably look like a lunatic rolling around on balls on the floor and against walls. I do it every evening now and it makes such a difference in how I sleep and even how stiff I am when I wake up. Thanks for keeping it at the forefront. I also have used with great benefit your tip about holding a weight in your hand while stretching your neck and then lightly swinging it. Thanks again!

  2. Tessa_995

    I have a short foam roller across the leg rest on my comfy chair that sits behind my knees. I also sometimes lie on the floor and do thoracic mobility over an OPTP Star Roller (or I just lie there with the roller supporting my neck). If things are really sore I have a microwaveanle gadget that I can put in my lumbar or cervical curve while sitting in my chair.

  3. Casey

    Hi Lori and Tessa!

    I love hearing how you both take such great care of your bodies that give so much to your clients! It is such a must do as caretakers to so many people… I am currently sitting on my couch with a ball in my glute now! Happy releasing and relaxing!

    Much Love,
    Casey Marie