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Learn an easy way to release the hip using the Reformer and Footbar.

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  1. MonicaLink179

    That pose is contraindicated for osteoporosis of the hip

  2. JenniferGianni

    Hey Monica,

    Yes, these are 2 minute videos and they cannot cover every population that should or should not be doing the movement. Sometimes the videos will be targeted to special populations. This one was not. Teachers will have to discern for themselves whether exercises will be right for their individual clients especially when just viewing a 2 minute video. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Shelly132

    Love this, but what would your suggestion be for a student who’s knee doesn’t fully permit the full flexion?Would you use a fuller ball to lift the hip higher? Place a rolled towel under that knee pit? Thank you for all your suggestions in advance. Shelly

  4. JenniferGianni

    Hi Shelly,

    Thanks for writing in! It depends on the client but both of the modifications you mentioned could work. If that does not work, you might want to try this pigeon pose on the wunda chair and see if that works better for your client’s individual knee issues. Love, Jen