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In this episode, Casey talks about the bane of our posture existence….



Find info on the props used in this episode here.
(We get the large balls at the pet store!)
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  1. ginger

    Casey! Loved the work for “computer” sitting! Love the way you explain each and every detail! Thanks for all you do!


  2. Casey

    I just filmed a whole workshop on this… Keep an eye out for it!

    I just love you Ginger!


  3. ginger

    Great. Casey! Will be sure to take that workshop!
    I have learned so much from you and Jen! Since I only teach at the local Y, it’s sometimes very hard! I do get a lot of compliments because I really try to give them different cues and ways to “fix” things.
    Just keep it coming! I like to keep my loyal followers interested!

  4. Casey

    No down playing teaching at the “Y”! This can be a much harder teaching scenario because you have a broader range of people who a lot of times have no prior Pilates or movement experience. Add to that large class sizes, and movers who want to “feel the burn” at all times! Talk about a balancing act!

    Jen and I will keep it coming! You inspire us!


  5. Tessa_995

    Hair is looking great!
    Love this relese work.