In this episode, Jen creeps stealthily up the stairs to pounce on your head with some Fascial fitness love and answers a question about pre-tensing for fascial movement.


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  1. ginger

    Jen! That was awesome! The balancing looked hard! Great cueing!
    And you answered my question! Thank you! Most of the ladies will come in and tell me they have scoliosis, usually minor, and I loved your explanation. And I like the words, lateral deviation .
    I am really enjoying your “show” . Somehow it seems easier to learn, and
    Retain the information!
    Thank you!

  2. Casey

    Hi Ginger! We are so happy you are enjoying the show… The balancing is hard! I tried it after Jen was done and worked up a sweat!

    Thanks for you question! Keep them coming!

    Casey Marie

  3. Tracy Matosich205

    Awesome! Thank you

  4. JenniferGianni

    Hi Tracy,
    I am happy you are enjoying the show. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes. We have lots of creative and fun stuff .