Misty Lynne Cauthen | Owner, Dragonfly Pilates 
Balanced Body Master Instructor |  Mentor | Success Architect | Speaker

I was born to slay dragons, which is a complicated career path, because there aren’t any around these days…

Instead, for the past 20 years I’ve directed my energies toward educating people of all ages and stages about the power of movement to strengthen, balance, and heal their bodies. As a Balanced Body Master Instructor since 2008, I’ve trained the next generation of teachers to share their gifts with students so they can thrive in their best bodies and minds. As a business coach, I’ve helped movement teachers and studio owners alike slay the dragons that inhibit their success.

My goal as a teacher and mentor is to always lead my students and clients to the joy of movement through grace, humor, honesty, and the right kind of hard work. And I love telling people what to do, so that’s a bonus.

Outside of Pilates, I’m a total comics geek (only Marvel, of course–never DC because…reasons), a collector of knives, and a lover of movie fight choreography. I also work to keep my family from escaping my clutches. I have a 15-year old son, Harrison, and a husband-like-product, Glen; both of whom keep me honest, on my toes, and laughing…from my core, naturally.