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Reformer Apprentice Program             $349     $199
Trap/Cad Apprentice Program             $299     $149
Chair/Barrel Apprentice Program        $299     $149
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Comprehensive Apprentice Program
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NPCP CECs not offered, however your certificate of completion can but used toward many program (yearly or biennial) requirements (ie: Balanced Body, Stott, etc…) For workshops with NPCP CECs click here.


Modern Pilates training programs are designed to be both convenient and affordable. Because of this, there is usually a ton of information packed into a series of weekend courses. It’s often difficult for the instructor to take much time away from the coursework to field questions or address any specific concerns. Once the course is over and you start practicing all you have learned, a thousand questions will pop up. We’re here to answer them.

Our Fusion Online Apprentice Courses will reinforce and help to translate all of the knowledge you’ve gained and will help you understand how to apply it in real teaching scenarios. We also strive to fill in any gaps left by your training.

We offer support and mentoring during this next critical phase as you log the teaching, practice, and observation hours that are required by your chosen comprehensive training program. This program was developed in response to our students who wanted and needed continued guidance and support.

Reading the manual and practicing the exercises is one thing, but the chance to observe master trainers in the trenches is invaluable. And the added opportunity for Q&A, so that you can go from the “what” to the “why,” will improve your work by leaps and bounds.

The Fusion Apprentice Courses will also help you enter the test out for your chosen comprehensive training with complete confidence and will help prepare you for the PMA certification (if you are taking it).

Our master teacher trainers provide the time, knowledge, and depth of experience that is so needed for the student teacher. Come observe, ask questions, and immerse yourself in the challenging and rewarding career as a Pilates Instructor with Fusion Pilates Online.


  • To expand on the information you learn in your live training modules
  • To prepare you for test out
  • To provide one on one virtual mentoring through video reviews and conference calls to discuss your progress
  • To provide a structured and organized way to log your required hours

Concepts & Techniques

Our program is set up in two week segments, and we concentrate on a certain theme during each segment.

  • Breathing & Release Work
  • Core Activation
  • Upper Core Activation
  • Lumbo/Pelvic Stability & Mobility
  • Ab/Spinal Stability & Mobility
  • Ab Strength
  • Scapular Stability & Mobility
  • Stretching
  • Feet & Legs
  • JumpBoard
  • Classical Flow
  • Test Out Prep

Props & Equipment Used

  • Various depending on the program

Workshop Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Duration & Access

Comprehensive Apprentice:  By far, the best value for your money.  Includes Mat, Reformer, Chair/Barrel, & Trapeze Cadillac Apprentice Courses and access for 18 months. 

Mat Apprentice: There are a total of 55 sessions and the course is structured to last 4 months, but you are welcome to work at your own pace. You have a total of 8 months to complete this course.

Reformer Apprentice: There are a total of 88 sessions and the course is structured to take 7 months to complete, but you are welcome to work at your own pace. You have a total of 10 months to complete this course.  

Chair/Barrel Apprentice: There are a total of 45 sessions and the course is structured to take 3 months to complete, but you are welcome to work at your own pace. You have a total of 6 months to complete this course.  

Trapeze/Cadillac Apprentice: There are a total of 39 sessions and the course is structured to take 3 months to complete, but you are welcome to work at your own pace. You have a total of 6 months to complete this course.  

(No expiration for Forever Access Members)

More Details


Try out any Apprentice course for 5 days and if you are not happy - open a support ticket and we will issue a full refund.

No refunds possible after 5 days.

How Long Does it Take?

Each course is structured to take a certain number of weeks listed below. But you are not tied to this. You can take as much time as you'd like within the access that you have.

  • Mat Apprentice: Structured to take 17 weeks
  • Reformer Apprentice: Structured to take 26 weeks
  • Chair & Barrel Apprentice: Structured to take 12 weeks
  • Trapeze & Cadillac Apprentice: Structured to take 11 weeks

Weekly Schedule

  • Day 1: You watch a 60-minute class video
  • Day 2:  You watch a short 5-10 minute video on the week's subject and read an article.
  • Day 3: You receive an assignment which will give you techniques and concepts to focus on as you perform your Personal Practice and Student Teaching hours.
  • Day 4: You watch a 60-minute class video with added commentary by our instructors (see Mentor's Cut below.)
  • Day 5: You watch a 10-minute video and/or read a short article discussing the weeks topic and covering some ways it was used in the classes you've watched.
  • Day 6: You receive a "Focus On" assignment. Some general suggestions on techniques and concepts you should focus on as you continue to log your hours.

And this structure is repeated for a different concept each week of the program.

How We Teach:

We use a multifaceted approach to teaching by taking a look at different angles on the same concept. We use the following innovative techniques to go deep into the work, fully exploring each concept in its entirety. The following a are the different features that we use to help you log your hours and understand the why of Pilates, instead of just the what:

Course Packet

You will print your Course Packet when you first begin the course. It contains Video Trail Guides to give you hints on what to look for as you watch the videos, space for notes and questions. There are also questions that go with our Mentor’s Cut and Let’s Discuss sessions (more below). Everything is organized by session number, so it’s easy to stay organized.

Master Log

This is the part of your course packet where you log your session work as you go. When you’re finished, submit this log to us to receive your Certificate of Completion.

InstaStudio PopUp™ Video

Each segment starts with an InstaStudio PopUp video. This is a real class or session being taught in a real working studio by a real master instructor. This counts as an Observation hour, but it is so much more. Instead of sitting in the corner of a studio watching a session, you will be able to pause, to rewind, to take notes and re-watch anything you’d like. In addition, we make it a bit more interesting by adding our PopUp graphics, which will appear on the screen every few minutes to bring your attention to something that is happening in the session or class – an idea, a tool, an anatomy tip, or a movement principle that you should be aware of.

Video Trail Guides

For each InstaStudio PopUp Video, there is a corresponding Video Trail Guide section in your Course Packet. Please read through these carefully before, during, and after watching these videos. The goal is to focus your attention on aspects of the session that we feel will be most helpful to you. Use the space provided to take notes and to jot down questions that you might have, which you can then ask the Master Instructor during

Session Video & Articles

The second session of each segment contains a video and an article which take a part of the main concept and break it down even more. A short video and article which will cover important Pilates Mat techniques that you may have missed in your training.

Mentor’s Cut™ Commentary Video

Have you ever watched an experienced Pilates instructor and wondered, “What are they thinking? Why did they do that?” Well, here’s your chance to find out. This is an opportunity for you to climb into our master instructor’s head for a behind the scenes look at what their thought process is, and why they are making the choices they make. First, you’ll read through some questions about this session in your Course Packet. Then, you’ll watch the same session or class that you saw in the previous session, but now with an added audio commentary by our instructors explaining what’s behind their process as well as other helpful tips and suggestions which will help guide your practice. As you watch, you’ll answer thought-provoking questions in your Course Packet.

Let’s Discuss Video

These sessions include a discussion of the questions from your course packet by Jen and Casey. You can discuss these questions in our Forum.

Focus On

We’ll give you some topics and techniques to think about and use during your work week with clients.

Virtual Mentoring & Video Send-Ins

During the course, there are two opportunities to send a video of yourself teaching so that our Master Instructors can see how you’re doing and offer supportive feedback. You will also have two Skype or phone meetings with our Master Instructors so that you can ask specific questions and be provided with support. There is no need to stress about these. There are specific instructions on how this works once you get to these sessions.

Blog / Video / Forum

And as always, you have access to the Video Podcasts, Blog, and Forum of our main site that comes with your Free Subscription.


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