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Nikki Chrysostomou 3 NPCP CECs until 10/13/2022

The Male Pelvis

Nikki Chrysostomou teaches her presentation on the Male pelvis, including working with male cli... more »

Adam McAtee 4 NPCP CECs until 06/24/2022

Applying Movement Science to Your Pilates Sessions by Adam McAtee

In this online Pilates workshop, Adam McAtee explores exercise science principles, literature, ... more »

Claudia Moose 3 NPCP CECs until 11/10/2022

Head-Neck Control

In this informative online Pilates workshop, Claudia Moose explores head-neck control, its usag... more »

Marcy Schafler 3 NPCP CECs until 03/31/2022

Body Geometry

In this workshop, Marcy Schafler breaks down movement through her concept of Body Geometry, dem... more »

Lesley Powell 3 NPCP CECs until 02/03/2022

Spinefull and Hippiness

Lesley A. Powell teaches SpineFull and Hippiness: 
a workshop about maintaining youthfulness ... more »

Elizabeth Larkam 3 NPCP CECs until 09/16/2022

Every Breath You Take

This workshop uses minimal props to explore variations that build in complexity while mobilizin... more »

Anula Maiberg NPCP CECs not offered

Reformer Variations

These exercises range from intermediate to very advanced and are a great way to add a challenge... more »

Anula Maiberg NPCP CECs not offered

Mat Variations

Anula explores ways of incorporating a variety of props into innovative mat exercises that addr... more »

Sylvia Byrd-Leitner 3 NPCP CECs until 07/21/2022

Creative Variations

Sylvia’s fun and creative exercises will expand the movement teachers’ toolbox and help you... more »

Chantill Lopez 4 NPCP CECs until 12/09/2022

Agitating Change

Chantill Lopez invites you to explore the new science of the Polyvagal Theory, its application ... more »