The Hundred exercise is the perfect blend of the breath work in conjunction with spinal flexion, abdominal strength, and shoulder girdle movement. Now these movement principles need to be warmed up to and honed separately before they can be put together within one exercise. So although in theory The Hundred is the perfect kick start to any workout by getting the blood pumping and the diaphragm moving with a focus on firing the deep abdominals, these goals can hardly be achieved when the ground work of the different skill sets are hard to find. So watch this video and learn to pick apart The Hundreds to really achieve the essence of what the exercise is designed to do.

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  1. Sarah_502

    Great video. Thanks for pointing out the importance of watching the hip/pelvis during the Ab curl, to look for tightness in the back body. If you notice something similar in a client, what would you advise as the next step?

  2. Casey

    It is important to start with release work with all of your clients that are new to these types of movements. Its like taking out the old body programming before downloading the new information! This has greatly improved our client’s joint range of motion and strength. Release work is the first step in movement re- education. For details check out my Practical Release online workshop! There you will learn the theory behind the work, as well as easy release work points to work with your clients on.

    For opening the back body I would focus on lateral hip joint release, as well the points in between the scapulae for ease in spinal flexion!

    Take Care,
    Casey Marie Herdt