Spine Stretch on the Cadillac can be done in a number of different, creative ways. Many ways are available to modify this exercise, from propping the sitz bones on a blanket to bending the knees to shortening the range of motion. Our end goal is to always find easier and more fluid articulation between the vertebra of the spine. Because of the support of the hands into the tower bar and feet into the uprights, you are able to find the articulation in the Spine Stretch more easily on the Cadillac. Because this exercise is mimicking Ab curl in a seated position, it will help teach the spine how to better move in exercises like The Hundreds and the five Classical Abdominal series.

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  1. Alexandra_952

    Love the idea of having the client shrug the shoulders first, to prep for perfect execution of the push through. Thanks for the wonderful instructions!

  2. JenniferGianni

    Hope it’s helpful – thank you!