Spine stretch is a wonderful exercise that can be executed in so many different ways in the Pilates studio. The chair is a great place to work for your more advanced clients. But by adding a simple prop into the exercise, this spinal articulation can be achieved by a more beginner-level client. This is a great modification to use during your group classes or duets when you are needing to accommodate a mixed-level session. Compare and contrast the different ways we demonstrate this exercise in the video, and note how it feels in your body. Your spine will thank you!

Thanks for checking out this video! Let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. Lisa Longworth

    The box is a terrific modification for spine stretch with the chair. I have several clients who will benefit from the increased mobility of the spine without the hindrance of tight hips and hamstrings. Thank you!

  2. Casey

    So happy to hear this helped you and your clients out! Enjoy!