The Frog with feet in straps is a classic exercise. It can be done on the Reformer as well as the Cadillac and the mat with a theraband. This exercise is meant to strengthen the midline of the body by using a bent and extended leg. A neutral pelvis is key here. You don’t want the body to rely on gripping the glutes to complete the task. Also, you want to be sure that external rotation of the femurs here is uniform and easy. A lot of times a good deal of release work needs to come before an exercise like this so that the femur can sink deep into the pelvis during the work.

The theraband used in this video is available here. Leave us your comments below!

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  1. Tessa_995

    I have noticed that Kim’s ribs appear to be popping in all her demos. I also have this tendency, even though my back ribs feel firmly planted. Is this just anatomical – i.e. a big ribcage? Or should I be engaging the obliques even more to pull front ribs in and down – I don’t want to be tense or to lose neutral pelvis in an effort not to ‘pop’!

  2. Casey

    Rib popping! A very common issue! It can be tempting to want to correct this in the “Pilates” way, ie: cueing ab work for everything. I encourage you to do something different. Try release work in the lateral hip area, QL, and side torso points. Then use a small wedge pillow like the Posture Pillow by Smartspine to use physics and gravity to support the head and drop the front of the ribs naturally. It is so important to find an EASY neutral torso positioning, and not shape make by causing more rigidity! Especially in the rib area that is designed to be free for breath and spinal/rib ring articulation. Hope that helps!

    Much Love,
    Casey Marie

  3. Tessa_995

    Thanks, Casey
    I wish I didn’t live the other side of the country and could come to your Studio. Maybe a vacay in Asheville some time…
    Really helpful. I appreciate it. I have a ton of SMR balls etc. so will be rolling more.

  4. Casey

    Yes Tessa, come come visit us! Asheville is such a vacation destination these days…

    Also, for more info on the release work protocol that we have found helpful with our clients, take at look at my workshop “Practical Release: The Essentials ” on our site. That’s as close to coming to Asheville to work together as we can get from your house!

    Casey Marie