Preparatory Counter Movement and Elastic Recoil


In this video post I’m going to add on some exercises to continue the up training of our fascial body suit and the concept of preparatory counter movement and elastic recoil. Seated springy side bends, Kneeling arch/curl, Crab modification and open leg rocker are all offered as ways that we can build up to the more complex and advanced Fascial Fitness exercises such as the Flying Sword and the Oblique, Reach and Pulse.

~ Jennifer

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  1. Charmaine_595

    Awesome.. love it.. thank you!

  2. Cynthia936

    thanks so much for the trouble you go to. That was very interesting. Its great reading about the fascia and its role in the body but difficult to apply it to classes. Its easy to understand a bicep curl but requires more understanding and knowledge when doing whole body movements that are meaningful.

  3. JenniferGianni

    Hi Charmaine and Cynthia,

    Thanks for writing in. I am having so much fun with this information. I just got back from a human dissection workshop and am even more into it. If that is possible! Please check out our brand new Pilates Show posts. I have more info on the Fascial Fitness training principles there.