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Create medial glide with the femur using a yoga block and strap.


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  1. Marta258

    Hello Jen than you for this – really interesting but I would love to understand it better. Could you explain what the medial glide is here, and what is the purpose of the yoga strap – is it to keep the femur anchored? When you cue “up and over the yoga block” are you trying to reach the femur up toward the ceiling to go over the yoga block (and is the strap resisting that?)


  2. JenniferGianni

    Hi Marta,

    It is great to hear from you. Medial glide of the pelvis means that it glides or it is injected into the center of the pelvis. The yoga strap helps to compress and seat it into the joint. It is very important to have the strap. The yoga block is used as a placeholder. You do not want to shove your self into the block. The femur should draw deeper into the socket and glide towards the center of the pelvis as you bring the leg over the block. I hope this makes more sense.

  3. Kathy123

    Hi Jen, I assume that as you are only working with the rotation of the right side of the pelvis, that this exercise doesn’t get repeated on the other side? Or would you repeat it but keep the padding under the right sacrum so that you can work with the medial glide of both hips?

  4. JenniferGianni

    Hi Kathy,

    In a session I would do both sides. When rotating the left leg out she would probably keep the lift on her right sacrum . She will probably have a much easier time rotating the left leg out and staying organized. I hope this helps.