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In this episode, Casey shoots for the bullseye…


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  1. Phyllis_775

    I just love your cueing (Jen’s as well). I use it all with my clients & students & it has helped ramp up my teaching tremendously. It is what I tap into most when I take classes with other instructors. Used this theraband example Monday when I taught my “Fascia Pilates Ball & Foam Roller Release Class”. It has become my signature class thanks to you! Thank you for doing what you do Phyllis Matonte

  2. Casey

    I am so happy to hear you are enjoying Phyllis! I could not agree more that learning from each other is one of the most rewarding parts of our job! So happy to hear of your success and joy in the work… Let keep the Pilates love flowing! Will you be at PMA this year?


  3. Phyllis_775


    Not sure – but I will definitely have to catch up with you two one of these days:)

    Thanks again!