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  1. Patti Jo510

    This was such a great reminder for me! Thank you so much Casey. Well Done!

  2. Casey

    We ALL need the reminder to get out of our own way sometimes! So glad you enjoyed!

    Take Care,
    Casey Marie

  3. Thanks so much for these helpful reminders. It’s so easy to layer too much on to the client’s experience. This is something that I’m being very mindful lately, this video comes at a great time.
    I’m taking the Refresher Course right now. You guys are the bomb

  4. Mark

    Another lovely Fusion video here Casey. Your compassion for your students shines here in this one. Thank you for posting!

  5. Casey

    Oh my goodness you all are too kind! I am beyond pleased that you are getting so much out of The Pilates Show! Truth be told I was a little nervous about posting this one. I wasn’t sure what the viewer reaction would be. Pilates teachers just love our cues! Thanks for commenting!

    In Gratitude,
    Casey Marie

  6. Lisa Longworth

    In my eagerness to help clients find and work from a neutral position, I’ve overstimulated them with too much of a good thing many a time and have missed the opportunity to see where they organize themselves in their daily life. Thank you for sharing your strategy. I will be incorporating it into my toolbox!

  7. Casey

    So glad this was helpful Lisa! I find the cues that come from a few moments of careful observation are often integrated at a deeper level!

    Much Love,
    Casey Marie