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Instructor Spotlight

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Instructor Spotlight!

Erin Myers is the leading expert in Pilates for Scoliosis. Don't miss her amazing workshops!

Erin Myers is a Balanced Body Master Instructor and founder of Spiral Spine, a company designed to enrich the lives of others with scoliosis. She owns Spiral Spine Pilates in Nashville, TN, allowing her to actively pursue her passion of helping those with scoliosis through the practice of Pilates.





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This workshop is amazing - I feel much more confident working with clients with a spinal fusion - Erin's explanations and exercises helped to clarify what I was already intuitively thinking, but really felt out of my league in terms of how to progress a client. THANK YOU :)

-Amy D


Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard-earned knowledge and down-to-earth way of presenting it! I spent over 6 hours watching, stopping, writing, getting on equipment and trying things out. The gifts you have given me are forever in my toolbox. I can't wait to play with these concepts more, more and more! Well done! :)

-Julie R 

Great information Erin. I am a Physical Therapist and appreciate so much what Pilates can do for all types of bodies. What a great way to analyze the body in front of you and give both client and teacher feed back instantly on how Pilates can help and change dysfunctions. Thank you and you are fun and passionate.

-Shawn M