In this episode, Casey talks about strategies for “shaking off” any negative energy between clients…



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  1. Margherita_637

    In my studio, the strategy to shake off the negative energy coming from the clients start before the class:
    1) never ask “how are you?” Instead ask “how your body feel?” This to try to let out of the studio all of personal problems that every person has.
    2) count 1-2-3 and breath when the negative energy of the client come out by an inappropriate question, or in a moment of no concentration ( when you ask to move the pelvis and they move the head for example!)
    3) at the end of the working day… Speak with friends, husband,.. about what is happened in the studio and find the funny part of the “negative moment”… I think each of us can write a book about people approaching Pilates, GYROTONIC(R),…
    So… Have fun!

  2. Casey

    Fabulous fabulous fabulous suggestions! You are so right on the money with these strategies on how to deal with clients on a daily basis! Our Pilates Comics all come from some of those 1-2-3 moments you are talking about!

    Ciao Bella!
    Casey Marie