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In this episode, Jen gives some simple tips how how to give your spine and sacrum some much needed love…

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  1. Jennifer_628

    Really great! Its important to use all the principles we apply in class to our daily lives! I often teach this method of getting up and down in my classes and I think it is especially important to our older clientele. I had an older gentleman who had fallen at home and could not get up. So we spent part of our private session learning how to get to the lunge position so he could get off the floor!

  2. JenniferGianni

    Hi Jennifer,

    Great minds think alike! I love that you highlight these functional movements with your clients. The simple things in life ( like walking, standing with comfort, Sitting and getting up with ease) become more and more precious as we get older. We soon find that if we don’t have mobility and easy, fluid movement , it impacts our lives in a very negative way. We can really change lives by teaching these movements.
    Keep the great questions coming! I love our community.

  3. ginger

    Jen, that was so informative, love the way you get to the floor and return to standing! I love what you and Casey are doing!
    Love your living room, BTW!

  4. Casey

    Such a great reminder to stay in grace no matter what we are doing!

  5. JenniferGianni

    Thanks Casey! Every little bit helps. I love that we decided to bring our Pilates principles into real life tasks. This is where it is at.