Interview with Phillip Beach, Author of Muscles & Meridians


We wanted to re-post this interview with Phillip Beach from August to celebrate the launch of his first online workshop! Most of you already have Muscles and Meridians on your bookshelf, so you know what a groundbreaking work it is. Phillip Beach is holding some rare workshops in the United States in the coming months and was kind enough to join us for a quick online chat. Please excuse the shaky Skype footage and enjoy!

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  1. Sheri

    I am so thrilled that he is coming as a teacher who integrates Pilates gyrotonic and yoga into my sessions I am hoping to get a deeper insight and also simple tools as to how I can give my clients the big picture how all is connected making the work less complicated so they can bring it home with them in their own bodies. I will be taking this workshop in LA

    Sheri katz Schlobohm

    Pilates, Gyrotonic Gyrokinesis. And yoga teacher

  2. DominikaGaines

    What a great video. I’d like to share this with some of our clients who we have now exposed to this work.