Early Access to Freedom from the Ankle to the Neck by Jean-Claude West for Forever Members!


New Online Pilates Workshop!

Many instructors are well aware of the challenges of teaching via Zoom. How can you teach well without being in the room? Jean-Claude reveals the secrets in this full-body workshop taught from a remote perspective. Freedom From the Ankle to the Neck explores a myriad of ways to help clients find their strongest posture and most effective movements for their body.

By the end of this workshop, you will be inspired to use the tools, props, strategies, and cueing that Jean-Claude introduces in some incredibly creative ways.

Jean-Claude works with multiple bodies to teach you how to notice the smallest shifts in posture and movement, even when teaching to a screen

Using the majority of equipment in a Pilates studio (including Jean-Claude’s own invention – the Functional Footprints), this workshop is sure to provide you with all the inspiration you need for online or in-person clients alike.



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