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On: June 23, 2015 17:51 PM
I have heard that in middle age some knee problems are due to diminished blood flow to the knee. Also do you have any tips about how to diminish varicose veins through any kind of release work in the pelvis or legs?
On: June 26, 2015 04:44 AM
Hi there Heather! The knee is a highly vascular and tender area in the body. There is a concept called the hierarchy of protection in the body, where at all costs the body protects the venus system and nervous system above all others often choosing to sacrifice a soft tissue injury during a traumatic event. Thus the body often has some of the 911 fibroblast responders on call and at attention in our connective tissue at all times to ensure that areas like the knee have the tissue support it needs. You add to that varied alignment issues from years of heavy effort training (or lack there of!) and you got yourself a tight area! Now I do believe we have all sorts of areas of the body where long term tightness and bracing deeply effect us, and diminish blood flow and hydration to the tissue. I don't believe this is a middle aged problem, but its more of a lack of subtle movement awareness and care for the body problem! Its just that by middle age, some of our injuries and compensations have caught up with us, and we are beginning to realize that the soft signals of misuse from the body are raising their voices. Now for the varicose vein issues, there is no release work to help the veins that are already damaged. In fact, we should stay away from those areas where they are present. What is a good idea is to do release work above and below those areas to help open the pathways in and out of them to try and keep the areas happy and healthy. Hope that helps! Much Love, Casey Marie
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