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On: April 01, 2013 18:56 PM
Hi Jennifer and Casey! I have a question about recovering after a c- section. I'm scheduled for a cs next week and I was wondering what exercises/breathing techniques I could start as soon as possible (maybe even in the hospital) to speed up the recovery from the surgery and to start healing my diastasis and regain my body control. Thanks, Anastasiya
On: April 03, 2013 16:04 PM
Hi Anastasiya, I am so excited for you! You are so intelligent in your body and have such great breath control so I have no doubt how well you will do in the surgery and in recovery and healing. The mantra from beginning to end should be "less is more" and "soften". I think that using those 2 mantras in any situation in life would be best, right?! During your delivery, recovery and healing stage you must pay attention to the places that are over working and gripping. You are a busy mom, a business woman and I know you are always trying to do and achieve. You will want to do your best and do more than you should do. Too much pushing will not allow for the rest you need and it won't allow the body to progressively regain its strength. This will be especially true if you have a diastasis recti and/or pubic syphasis . So just enjoy your babies and ask for lots of help. You are the Queen! Do you have my dvd for C section recovery? There is a great section in it that you must watch. It is me in the hospital bed right after my C section. It is not a pretty site but will be very informative. I show lots of very gentle breathing sequences and movements that you can start doing right away. The main focus should be on trying to create sensation in the body through your breath/ brain connection right away. Start to imagine and wake up the lifeline of your multifidus which will pull on the transverse abdominis and the pelvic floor. This is all done through the breath/brain connection and through softening. You will not be able to actually feel any of this after surgery ( and maybe for a few weeks!) but you must recall the feeling and recreate it through your imagination. Your imagination will soon create the sensation in the body. I want pictures!! Love, Jen
On: April 04, 2013 04:31 AM
Thanks, Jen! Trying to relax and not pushing myself too hard will definitely be the hardest part for me :-) I've never undergone a major surgery like that before so I am a little nervous about "finding" my body afterwards. But thank you for your support and advice about breathing. I've already ordered your DVD and am waiting for it to arrive, I hope it will be here before the next week :-) I'm sure I'll be back with more questions :-) And of course I'll send you pictures as soon as the little ones are born :-) xoxo, Anastasiya
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