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On: November 29, 2013 14:58 PM
Hello, I've just begun the first few sessions in the Mat Refresher course and am loving it so far! As I am progressing through the sessions, I'm realizing that I have a great interest in (but, unfortunately, a lack of knowledge about) the specific bio-mechanics of the body, specifically in relation to many of the anatomy terms that are important to Pilates (i.e.- multifidus, pelvic floor, psoas major, etc.). Do you have any suggestions or recommendations of resources--perhaps a book, website, or app--that will help me to understand more deeply the anatomy you are referencing in the videos and articles? I see an app referenced on another thread, but I wanted to see what other recommendations you might have. Thanks so much!
On: December 03, 2013 12:08 PM
Laura, I can relate. there are resources I have found helpful. Books of discovery: trial guide to the body is good . as well as biomechanics color books. - sounds funny , but many of them are solid in there description of biomechanics in really visual way.
On: December 03, 2013 15:35 PM
Hi Laura, Both of the books that Laura suggested are great. They are very simple to follow and Trail Guide to the Body is really a fun read in my opinion! But I am a Pilates Dork .... I would also suggest checking out some of Blandine Calais Germain's books. The Anatomy of Movement and Anatomy of Exercise are classics. Her newer ones like The Female Pelvis, The Anatomy of Breathing and Risk Free Abs are brilliant and have great drawings. I am reading another one of her newer books , Preparing for a Gentle Birth ( The Pelvis in Pregnancy). Great anatomy and biomechanics in this one. If you ever have a chance to take Anatomy in Clay it is a great way to become more familiar and comfortable with anatomy. We have a couple courses in 2014 in Asheville and Charlotte. Check out the Live Courses section of the Teacher Training site. That should be a good start! Let us know how it goes and what you start reading first. Love, Jen
On: December 03, 2013 15:48 PM
Hi - here are some links: Trail Guide to the Body - (FFO members get 15% off - use code: STU15) There's a video about Anatomy in Clay about halfway down at: Blandine Calais Germain on Amazon:
On: December 12, 2013 08:37 AM
Jen! awesome book. Thank you for the recommendations. woohoo! so excited
On: January 07, 2014 13:03 PM
Yes I have those books mentioned above (Trail Guide, Blandine's classic Anatomy series) too. But there's one mobile application that's really handy and helpful in my pilates cert exam prep, especially when you are on the go. If you are a iphone or ipad user, check out the The Muscle System Pro III. It's really comprehensive, really great learning tool with all the 3D navigation funtionalities, details and layering of each sub muscle groups you can drill deeper into. I love this most and it helps in my exam. ;-)!
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