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On: July 19, 2012 21:36 PM
I want to assign my clients homework so they make more progress but i don't want to overwhelm them. How should i present this to them? Have any simple homework sequences that i could assign?
On: July 23, 2012 21:31 PM
Assigning homework is a wonderful way to keep the client's mind and body engaged in the work when they are outside the studio. The more they understand that continually messaging the the tissue to fire, shift, and innervate, the more seamless and quick their desired results will be. I find that it is best to not overwhelm your clients with too many details, or a program that takes too much time, which will deter them from actually doing the work. As the teacher, you need to figure out the one or two things that need the most change in the body, and give them homework to directly deal with those issues. Explain why you chose what you did so they become just as invested in the change and outcome as you are. I often find that most people that walk into the studio need a good deal of release work before heavy duty movement retraining, So this is a wonderful thing to assign as homework to do with a tennis ball or a foam roller. On that note, having your clients use props while working out at home is wonderful because the props will act as a virtual teacher, making it easier to maintain their form and alignment without a teachers eye on them. Homework is the perfect place to really have your clients skill build around one or two details that are holding them back from moving forward in the work. Find the details, and an easy way to work on it, and check in and see how the progress is going!
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