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On: May 12, 2019 12:29 PM
Hi Jennifer, I really enjoyed your workshop but I had a hard time understanding a few of your cues. If you could clarify them for me, I'd truly appreciate it. 1) Timestamp 33:00 in Session 2-- imagining straws running along the inner thigh (what are the straws for? They're never mentioned again after that), "roll" the mikasa ball between the thighs toward the solar plexus while supine and maintaining neutral pelvis to integrate inner thigh activation into the pelvic diaphragm. Is the ball literally meant to roll/spin? Or is the client just pulling the ball (sucking it with the aforementioned straws?) straight toward her? Maybe the camera needed to zoom-in or something, but I couldn't see what was happening or if there was any movement with the ball at all. Likewise, your oppositional feedback with your hand--are you rolling or just pulling the ball away in the opposite direction? 2) Timestamp 44:25 in Session 2--"Threading the Kite Strings of the Back Body". I believe you said something like the kite is floating over her head, so does that mean you want the back body to subtly lift energetically into an upperward curve away from the floor, like how a kite literally flies? Or the client is just meant to pull/"lift" the back body past the crown of the head, keeping the energy parallel to the floor? Thanks in advance!
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