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On: August 05, 2019 09:07 AM
Hi Kuan, First I would like to thank Kuan creating such a great workshop. I used the exercises on some of my clients. It really helps!!! I have a few questions about session 5: 1.Why can't the elbows bent? 2. Is the knees squeeze the bolster aiming to stabilize the pelvis so that both sits bones are even weighted? In session 7: Why does he need to have point fingers point out as he reaches his arms? Thanks! Ivy
On: September 02, 2019 06:54 AM
Hi Ivy, thank you so much for your questions. Session 5 focuses on correcting winged-scapular. Short and tight biceps is one of the main contributors to winged-scapular, in order to stretch and to lengthen the biceps, the arms have to be straight. For the first exercise in Session 5, we squeeze the bolster with the knees to prompt the adductors to engage, when the adductors are engaged, they help intensify the engagement in the pelvic floor and lower abdominals, which gives a sound base to the lower body. When the lower body is grounded, the upper body can then be free to articulate. For the upper back strengthening exercise in Session 7, we want the muscles around the shoulder blades to engage. The under-grip with the last 3 fingers, pointing the thumbs away from each other, pulling the pole apart, all these will immediately tigger the rotators, the mid lower traps and the triceps to fire. Pointing the index fingers forward is an effective way to prompt the biceps to lengthen. Hope this helps clarify your questions. Kuan
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