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On: January 31, 2017 09:06 AM
So my client who has RA and uses Pilates to increase body movement and to help her decrease pain now has developed trochanteric bursitis on her right side. I know that she needs to do only inversion hip movements, no external rotation at all, which precludes much of the side series and a lot of the 4 point kneeling. I'm good with abs, etc. but she really likes working her quads/hammies/glutes...any creative thoughts that will keep her knees together, use no external rotation, and help her trim this area? She's also going non cardio crazy with no running or cycling; I'm trying to incorporate more movement/flow with her moves so she gets more cardio in her Pilates session but again, all tips appreciated! Thanks!
On: February 02, 2017 13:06 PM
Hi Patrice, Good to hear from you! I have an idea for you but I will have to film it for our next Pilates Show. I will also ask Casey to think of something. Have you tried feet in straps with Magic circle on outside of ankles and requiring her to stay parallel? Or Prone Pulling Straps on Long Box with Magic circle on outside of ankles and requiring her to stay parallel? What does she have ? RA? Love Jen
On: February 02, 2017 13:42 PM
Hi Jen, thanks for the reply! First of all, I am only certified on mat and so we only do Pilates on the mat. She has RA but this is a recent inflammation. I have been modifying exercises so that she never does external rotation, inverts knees and hips, etc. we keep legs in parallel at all times, no large movements of femur head into the pelvis, and I'm doing pelvis stabilizing exercises so that WHEN she has mobility in that leg again, there will be no pelvic weakness. That said, I have about four classes written, two already performed, and it will get repetitive after a few weeks so I was looking for some inspiration. Thanks for your help and I'll be watching for your Pilates Show but if you're using the reformer or other equipment, it will not apply to me, sadly.
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